Terms and conditions of Online Travel assistance insurance

INFORMATION ABOUT THE INSURER AND THE PRODUCT under Art. 324 and Article 326 of the Insurance Code:

"GENERALI INSURANCE" AD is an insurer - a joint-stock company, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria, with headquarters and address of management in Sofia, 1504, Knyaz Alexander Dondukov Blvd., No 68.

On the corporate website http://www.generali.bg/ you will find and you can find out in detail the report on the solvency and financial condition of GENERALI INSURANCE AD.

You may file complaints under the Internal rules of Generali Insurance AD for administration of applications, complaints, signals and recommendations from users of insurance services, which are published on the following website https://klienti.generali.bg/.

Bulgarian legislation allows insurance service users to file complaints about these services and the FSC and other public authorities, as well as allowing out-of-court dispute resolution.
The Bulgarian legislation applies to insurance contracts concluded with "GENERALI INSURANCE" AD.

Important information about concluding of online Travel assistance insurance

Online Travel assistance insurance concluded through online.generali.bg is fully electronic. The insurance premium for this policy must be paid as a single payment.


Bulgarian citizens as well as foreign citizens residing in the Republic of Bulgaria on a legal basis (a valid permit for the long-term or permanent residence of a foreigner within the meaning of the Aliens Act in the Republic of Bulgaria or a valid certificate of long-term or permanent residence of a citizen of a Member State of the European Union, a State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation).

For Bulgarian citizens and foreign citizens residing in the Republic of Bulgaria on a legal basis covered by the insurance, the territorial scope of the insurance covers the whole world except for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the country of domicile and origin of the insured.

For persons traveling to a destination in the Republic of Turkey, 25 currency units are deducted for each event.

In the cases when the Insured is a foreign citizen who does not have the status of permanent resident in the Republic of Bulgaria, the maximum duration of contract may not exceed 4 months. This restriction does not apply to Insured Citizens of a Member State of the European Union or of a Party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, in the territory of which the Insurer may carry out the activity for which it has been licensed under the right of establishment or freedom of provide services.

item 5. of the General Terms and Conditions - The insurance is concluded only before the start of the trip abroad and its starting point should be located in the Republic of Bulgaria.

5.1. In case of non-compliance  with these conditions and concluding the insurance without the explicit consent of the Insurer after the start of the trip and/or from a starting point outside the Republic of Bulgaria, the latter has the right to terminate the insurance contract unilaterally within one month of learning without notice.

5.2. If before the termination of  the contract under item 5.1.an insurance event has occurred, the Insurer shall refuse the payment of insurance indemnity in full.

5.3 In case a dispute arises as to whether the insurance was concluded before the start of the trip with a starting point within the Republic of Bulgaria, the burden of proof is at the expense of the Insurer/Insured.



Basic cover

  • Medical expenses resulting from an accident or acute illness
  • Expenses for urgent dental treatment
  • Expenses for mountain search
  • Expenses for repatriation of the insured
  • Expenses for the repatriation of mortal remains

Special package covers

  • Package Accident. The package includes the following risks:
  • Death from an accident
  • Permanent incapacity to worк
  • Package Shortening or extending the stay. The package includes the following risks:
  • Shorter stay / early return of the insured in Bulgaria
  • Extension of stay
  • Personal Responsibility Package. The package includes the following risks:
  • General Civil Liability
  • Legal Aid Package. The package includes the following risks:
  • Legal aid
  • Secure wallet package. The package includes the following risks:
  • Loss or theft of personal documents and bank cards.
  • Package Flight. The package includes the following risks:

- Flight delay
- Missed connection
- Loss of registered baggage
- Delayed registered baggage

  • Package On the road. The package includes the following risks:

- Hotel expenses in RTA
- Wrong fuel
- Lost car keys
- Legal aid and warranty release in case of RTA

  • Package Ski and snowboard. The package includes the following risks:

- Ski/snowboard equipment
- Hired ski/snowboard equipment
- Ski facilities card


Travel insurance abroad with assistance can be valid from the date and time of purchasing or after 00.00 pm at the day, indicated into the insurance policy and certificate, only after successful payment of the insurance contract.

  • The Insurance is available if the Insured travels for the purpose of:
    • tourism;
    • amateur skiing or snowboarding within specially designated areas and facilities;
    • business meetings;
    • training and qualification courses for students and lecturers, professional qualifications—short courses and long-term training programmes etc.;
    • visit;
    • work or professional and competitive sport, grouped in risk classes as follows:

    First risk class:
    Work: administration, trade, finance, insurance, culture, research and educational activities (teachers), agricultural and livestock farming, food industry workers in the service sector - hygienist, hairdresser, beauticians, masseuse, nannies and other, postmen, clothing and textile industry, journalism (not military ) , electronics and information technology , healthcare and pharmaceuticals, architecture and design , drivers of heavy vehicles , civil aviation , railway transport;
    Professional and competitive sport: athletics, cricket, golf, gymnastics (except acrobatics), swimming, shooting, chess, bowling;
    Second risk class:
    Work: energetic, metals, machinery and mashinoobrabotvane, chemical, printing, glass, porcelain and faience, leather and fur industry, building materials, low construction, courier services, river transport;
    Professional and competitive sport: basketball, cycling, handball, hockey, water polo, volleyball, fencing, archery, canoeing (apart. of a mountain), sports boating, yachting, water skiing, short track (skating running), cross-country skiing , diving, figure skating, skating skates, skateboarding, badminton, dance (classical, sport, folklore), table tennis, squash;
    Third risk class:
    Work: logging and wood processing, building construction (no work on scaffolding), forestry and hunting, shipping, military (except aviation), circus artists, trainers and the like;
    Professional and competitive sport: skiing (incl. alpine skiing) and snowboarding, baseball, football, horse riding, bobsleigh, mountain canoeing, rafting, aerobatics, tennis, acrobatics;
    Forth risk class:
    Work: military journalism, underground construction work on scaffolding, stuntmen, climbers, pyrotechnic, navy and military aviation, mining and ore processing activities (miners), divers and speleological activities, workers on oil rigs;
    Professional and competitive sport: All types of motorsport (land, air and water), all types of air and aviation sports (including parachuting, hang-gliding, paragliding, etc.)., Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, speleological activities, rock climbing, scuba diving, as well as participation in expeditions to places with extreme weather and natural conditions, orienteering, football, rugby, ice hockey, boxing, kick boxing, martial arts, weightlifting, wrestling.

    Option Multy-trip for one year applies to multiple trips for a period of one year with a maximum duration of each journey up to 30 days, 60 days or 90 days.


  • The amounts of the sums insured under the particular clauses shall be as follows:
    • Basic cover: The amount of the sum insured shall be at the option of the Insured within the limits set out by the Insurer, namely from EUR/USD 2,000 to EUR/USD 50,000.

     Regardless of any amount of sum insured under this clause, the Insurer’s liability for expenses under par. may not exceed EUR/USD 250 for the period of insurance.


  • The insurance premium is the amount payable by the Insured to the Insurer, against which the Insurer shall cover the risks set out in the Policy.
  • The premium is determined by the Insurer on the basis of the tariff applicable at the time of conclusion of the Insurance, depending upon as follows:
    • the amount of the sum insured;
    • risks covered;
    • period of insurance;
    • nature and purpose of travel;
    • the age of the insured person;
    • other circumstances material for the risk.
  • The insurance premium must be paid as a single premium upon the signing of the Insurance. Premium instalment payment plan is not available under this Policy.


Upon an occurrence of an insured event under Basic cover, the Insured or their relative, agent or medical professional should immediately or as soon as possible within 48 hours call the assistant company at the telephone numbers stated in the Policy and provide them with all relevant medical and financial information and documents, as requested, and should strictly follow all instructions given by the assistant company.

In case you can not directly contact the assisting company - EUROPE ASSISTANCE HUNGARY, you can contact an operator in Generali Insurance AD Customer service center, who will help you.
In the event that the insured himself paid the cost of provided medical help, he can make request for reimbursement of expenses incurred by him directly to the Insurer by submitting the documents required to establish the event, the right to compensation and its size, after returning in the Republic of Bulgaria. The insurer does not reimburse medical expenses in excess of 150 cur. units made by the insured without the prior approval of the assisting company.

It is important to know that the client must collect and retain the originals of all medical and financial documents issued in connection with the insurance event. This is done in order to be attached to the claim of the client to Generali Insurance AD.
Claims are dealt with within the deadlines and in accordance with the General Conditions of Travel Assistance Travel with Assistance Provided.

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