How to order online Travel insurance abroad?

When we make plans for our business trip or especially for our holiday, none of us think about the possibility of insurance event happening. 

Every trip, no matter business trip or a holiday involves many emotions. The intense traffic at the airport, bus or railway station hides many risks for the trip.

What can you do for protecting yourself of unpleasant moments, when you have planned to every detail you trip? You can save yourself from future headaches and costs if you purchase the entirely online Travel  insurance abroad with assistance.

The conclusion of Travel  insurance abroad with assistance has never been so fast and easy. For the first time in Bulgaria Generali Insurance AD, offers its clients to conclude travel insurance entirely online.

Online insurance you can conclude by clicking on button Order now on home page of the portal or from the product page You land on step 1 Calculator. On this step it is necessary to fulfill basic information for your policy – start and end date of the trip, purpose and destination, number of insured persons (when group insurance) and the sum of the insurance coverage. By clicking on button Calculate you will get the basic premium of the insurance (insurance premium and tax, amounting to 2%). By clicking on button Continue you will be automatically transferred on the next step where you need to fulfill all required data for concluding an insurance.

On step 2 you should fulfill information for the Person who ordered the policy and Insured persons. The person who orders the policy can be different from the Insured persons. It is a must for the Person who orders the policy to be at least 18 years old. For all of the Insured persons it is necessary to fulfill the following data: PIN, Name/Company name, Middle name, Family name, as well the names in Latin, passport number/ID card and e-mail address. The person who orders the policy fulfills obligatory the following information: e-mail address, mobile phone number, address, zip code and location. You can add Insured persons by clicking on button Add another insured person. After fulfilling all data, you click on Save button, and in the table on the screen will appear information for the Insured person.

By clicking on Continue button you land on step 3 Review of the offer. On the screen is visualized all data fulfilled on previous steps, as well the final premium of your insurance. On this step you should choose the payment method. The online Travel  insurance abroad with assistance concluded in the portal is entirely online product and the payment method for this product is online – by credit/debit card or ePay.

The last step is Payment and confirmation. To finish your order of online Travel  insurance abroad with assistance you need to click on Confirmation button. You will be transferred respectively to website of BORICA-BANKSERVICE or ePay.

After successful payment the system generates automatically online insurance policy and certificate, which you receive on your e-mail address, with General conditions of the insurance attached.

If you wish, you can print the received by e-mail documents.

Online insurance gives you 24/7 qualified assistance and transportation in case you have an accident or you get sick while you are in the territory of a foreign country. The international assistance company EUROPE Assistance provides you with support outside Republic of Bulgaria.

Enjoy your trip! Let us take care of you.