1. I have to go abroad urgently. How can I buy and get insurance in the next few hours?

Concluding your policy online, you receive it to the specified by you valid e-mail address, after you have entered your data and you have paid the insurance premium. This can happen only for few minutes.

2. I am going on a holiday and I am interested from where I could buy Travel insurance?

To buy “Travel assistance and medical expenses insurance” you need: To visit one of the Generali Insurance branches, brokers office where you can find insurances from Generali Insurance or online on online.generali.bg

3. Is there a special insurance policy, which can cover more trips within a year?

Yes, people who travel abroad often can take out the Multi-Trip option.

4. How can I conclude group insurance “Travel assistance and medical expenses” for me and my family and will I get a discount?

Group Travel assistance insurance you can conclude, when on first step you mark the field (group policy). You can receive discount, when the group policy is for more than 10 people.

5. I am travelling to Turkey, which location to choose Europe or other?

When you travel to Turkey, please choose location "Other" from the drop-down menu.

6. Does my Travel insurance help in case of forced extension of my stay abroad?

The insurer provides coverage of hotel accommodation costs up to the agreed limit for one night but no more than 3 nights, when extending the stay abroad to the insured due to an accident or acute illness, if he/she is not hospitalized in medical centre.

7. What language is the Travel assistance insurance certificate, which I will receive on my email?

Your certificate for online concluded Travel assistance insurance is bilingual - in Bulgarian and English.