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Starting from 29.01.2020 temporary suspension of coverage for the People's Republic of China for insuranses “Travel assistance abroad with assistance” and “Protected when traveling abroad”.
Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused.
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Sport and work, I risk class

Sport: athletics, cricket, golf, gymnastics (except acrobatics), swimming, shooting, chess, bowling;

Work: administration, trade, finance, insurance, culture, research and educational activities (teachers), agricultural and livestock farming, food industry workers in the service sector - hygienist, hairdresser, beauticians, masseuse, nannies and other, postmen, clothing and textile industry, journalism (not military ) , electronics and information technology , healthcare and pharmaceuticals, architecture and design , drivers of heavy vehicles , civil aviation , railway transport;

Sport and work, II risk class

Sport: basketball, cycling, handball, hockey, water polo, volleyball, fencing, archery, canoeing (apart. of a mountain), sports boating, yachting, water skiing, short track (skating running), cross-country skiing , diving, figure skating, skating skates, skateboarding, badminton, dance (classical, sport, folklore), table tennis, squash;

Work: energetic, metals, machinery and mashinoobrabotvane, chemical, printing, glass, porcelain and faience, leather and fur industry, building materials, low construction, courier services, river transport;

Sport and work, III risk class

Sport: skiing (incl. alpine skiing) and snowboarding, baseball, football, horse riding, bobsleigh, mountain canoeing, rafting, aerobatics, tennis, acrobatics;

Work: logging and wood processing, building construction (no work on scaffolding), forestry and hunting, shipping, military (except aviation), circus artists, trainers and the like;

Sport and work, IV risk class

Sport: All types of motorsport (land, air and water), all types of air and aviation sports (including parachuting, hang-gliding, paragliding, etc.)., Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, speleological activities, rock climbing, scuba diving, as well as participation in expeditions to places with extreme weather and natural conditions, orienteering, football, rugby, ice hockey, boxing, kick boxing, martial arts, weightlifting, wrestling.

Work: military journalism, underground construction work on scaffolding, stuntmen, climbers, pyrotechnic, navy and military aviation, mining and ore processing activities (miners), divers and speleological activities, workers on oil rigs;

Package Flight

Package Flight covers unpredicted expenses for accommodation, food, medicines or emergency supplies, during trip abroad with airplane, caused by cancellation of regular flight, missed connecting flight, delayed or loss of registered luggage.

Package On the road

Package On the road covers unpredicted expenses during trip abroad with personal vehicle caused by mistaken fuel charge, loss of car keys or traffic accident, including legal aid.

Package Ski and Snowboard

Package Ski and snowboard is providing insurance protection in case of burglary or loss of ski/snowboard equipment, including rent of substitute equipment for the cases described in the General Terms of the insurance.