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Why to conclude Travel insurance abroad with assistance?

When traveling abroad, no matter for business or holiday, you might be liable. Do not think about it and enjoy Your trip. Generali Insurance AD offers you entirely online product, Travel  insurance abroad with assistance. The insurance is created and fully consistent with the needs of all current and future customers. It offers a wide range of insurance coverages, making it ideal for all kinds of trips abroad. The online product include the basic coverages.

Anyone who concludes Travel  insurance abroad with assistance in Generali insurance can rely on help from the Insurer to cover medical expenses due to accident or accute illness, to cover costs for extending or shortening of your stay abroad, to receive insurance indemnity, upto the determined limit for permanent disability, because of accident, to receive legal assistance during the journey, if there is burglary or loss of your personal luggage.

The conclusion of online Travel insurance abroad with assistance takes about 1 minute and you can purchase it any time you want, even just before the travel, from any location with internet access. Guarantee for financial compensation in case of accident abroad after payment of insurance premium.

About Travel Insurance abroad with assistance

Travel Insurance abroad with assistance is an entirely online product. The insurance policy and certificate is received by email and set of documents could be printed. Concluded online Travel Insurance abroad with assistance is an precaution in order to avoid potential troubles during your trip.

Period of the insurance

Online Travel insurance abroad with assistance, concluded in is valid for the period you requested for your stay abroad and the territory of the country, where your nationality is. The period for which the Travel insurance abroad with assistance is signed does not exceed 1 year.

Travel insurance abroad with assistance you can purchase through your mobile smart phone

Generali Insurance AD appreciates the time of its customers and strives to develop quality products and services available to meet the latest requirements and users’ needs. Following the launch of the entirely online Travel  insurance abroad with assistance, which the customer can purchase at any time, to pay during the purchasing and to receive by its e-mail, enables all travelers to conclude that insurance through their mobile smart phone.

In a hurry, when preparing for an upcoming trip, often is forgotten the conclusion of insurance. Even if this happens, Generali Insurance AD gives the opportunity to its customers to ensure their serenity quickly and easily online, through mobile smart phone.

The passing through the required steps for data entry for the insurance, the purchase and payment by credit/debit card or ePay remain the same as in the web version.

In order to help the users of online services of, the entire process of ordering online Travel insurance is provided in the following video:
Online Travel insurance abroad with assistance covers risks when traveling abroad for tourism, business, skiing or snowboarding, trainings and internships, visiting and other. The product is oriented to all travelers with a dynamic and busy daily schedule.