Terms and conditions of online Household insurance

INFORMATION ABOUT THE INSURER AND THE PRODUCT under Art. 324 and Article 326 of the Insurance Code:

"GENERALI INSURANCE" AD is an insurer - a joint-stock company, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria, with headquarters and address of management in Sofia, 1504, Knyaz Alexander Dondukov Blvd., No 68.

On the corporate website http://www.generali.bg/ you will find and you can find out in detail the report on the solvency and financial condition of GENERALI INSURANCE AD.

You may file complaints under the Internal rules of Generali Insurance AD for administration of applications, complaints, signals and recommendations from users of insurance services, which are published on the following website https://klienti.generali.bg/.

Bulgarian legislation allows insurance service users to file complaints about these services and the FSC and other public authorities, as well as allowing out-of-court dispute resolution.

The Bulgarian legislation applies to insurance contracts concluded with "GENERALI INSURANCE" AD.

Online Household insurance concluded through internet portal www.online.generali.bg of Generali Insurance AD is entirely electronic product. The insurance premium for this policy must be paid as a single payment, for a period of 1 year.

General provisions. Geographic area of cover

Insured persons under this insurance may be individuals or legal entities. The insurance is valid only on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria and only for properties, located on the address, specified in the policy/certificate.

Risks covered

When concluding online Household insurance, you choose the coverage.

The online product from online.generali.bg includes basic and additional coverage, and every policy covers the risks Fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, piloted aircraft impact parts or cargo from it, debris removal costs, costs for removal, protection and storage, hotel or temporary acommodation expenses, earthquake.

When concluding online Household insurance you can include the following additional coverage.

  • Storm, hail, torrential rain, snow or ice
  • Flood due to natural disasters
  • Landslides or rockslide, ground waters
  • Soaking as a result of failure of water supply, sanitation or heating and devices connected to them, soaking of forgotten taps and fountains
  • Short circuit and electric shock
  • Vandalism/malicious acts of third parties
  • Glass break
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Theft by way of using technical means
  • Third party liability

Validity, start and end date of online Household insurance.

The insurance is valid for period of 1 year. The insurance is valid after 00:00 at the day, indicated in the insurance policy and certificate for start date and expires at 24:00 at the day, indicated in the policy/certificate for end date.

Sum insured

The sum insured (limit of liability) of the property insured is determined in BGN or foreigh currency.

Insurance premium

The insurance premium is the amount payable by the Insurant to the Insurer, against which the Insurer covers the risks set out in the policy/certificate. The insurance premium is determined by the Insurer based on the tariff applicable at the time of policy conclusion.

Insurance indemnity

The Insurer pays the insurance indemnity within 15 working days as of the date of receiving all necessary and required documents according to the insurance event.

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