1. Which are the main requirements for conclusion of online Household insurance?

Online Household insurance can be concluded by individuals or legal entities, and it is valid only for properties, located in the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

2. What is the validity period of online Household insurance?

The validity period of Household insurance is 1 year.

3. Is it necessary Generali Insurance AD to perform an inventory to the insured property?

To conclude online Household insurance there is no need from inventory of the insured property. Documents for ownership will be required for claims payment.

4. Is it possible to insure my property, if it is mortgaged?

Yes. It is necessary to fulfill the information about the bank, which mortgaged the property, as third party beneficiary.

5. In what currency I can insure my property?

Generali Insurance AD allows you to insure your property in BGN or EUR. The insurance premium and claims payment must be paid in BGN.

6. What is the deadline of Generali Insurance AD for payment of insurance indemnity of online Household insurance?

Generali Insurance AD pays insurance indemnity within fifteen working days from the date of receiving all necessary documents concerning the insurance event and determining the claims.

7. How can I pay for my Household insurance?

When you conclude your Household insurance in online sales portal of Generali Insurance, you have the opportunity to pay with credit/debit card through BoricaBankservice website or ePay.

8. Is my computer secured with Household insurance?

The insurance covers household appliances, audio, video, radio, television and electronic computers technic, if in the process of policy conclusion are selected additional coverages for insurance of movabes in the property.