How to order online MTPL?

It is really easy to get a quote online, and now it is even faster. After clicking the “Order now” button you will be transferred to “Calculator”. Here you need to enter basic information about the owner and the vehicle. You will receive a basic calculation of your MTPL policy.

To continue with your online MTPL quote you need to press “Next”. In the “Data entry” page you need to enter all the information needed for policy issuing.

- Date, start and expiration date of the MTPL policy

- Information/data about the owner and the driver of the vehicle (if different from the owner)

- Details of the vehicle

To order online MTPL  in Generali Insurance AD you need to enter precisely and correctly all the data. This will guarantee that you will get individual price for your insurance. If the entered data is not precise or correct you will not be able to continue with “Continue”, where you can make a full “Offer review” and to choose your “Payment method”.

If you have selected payment by bank transfer it is necessary to mark the payment method, to accept the “Terms of use” and to enter the generated “Security code”.  You are on the final step “Payment and confirmation”. On the screen will appear your successful order and filled form “Payment order” with all needed data. When you order the payment you need to fill all data from the sample. When choosing this way, the payment of online MTPL premium should be made within 1 working day after the request. Your policy will be sent after the amount is received on Generali Insurance AD bank account.

If you have selected cash payment, you need to pay your premium to the courier upon delivery of the insurance policy.

Payment with credit/debit card – you need to mark this payment method, to accept the “Terms of use” and to enter the generated “Security code”. You are already on the final step “Payment and confirmation”. After clicking on “Confirmation” button you will be transferred on Borica Bankservice webpage, where you need to enter all data about your card, which are required. If successful payment of the insurance premium you will receive confirmation of successful order of your online MTPL.

After successful order you will receive Confirmation of successful order of online MTPL, as well as the “Terms of use” for requesting and providing of insurance contract from a distance.

How to receive the ordered MTPL insurance?

If successful order of MTPL insurance, you will receive your insurance policy by courier on your delivery address. We encourage you to enter your delivery address accurately. Your MTPL policy will be delivered to you personally within 2 working days for the whole country. To receive your insurance from the courier you should present an ID card.

In case you are not on the delivery address at the time of delivery, the courier will contact you to the current mobile phone.