1. How can I check when my MTPL policy expires?

For all online MTPL policies you can check by sending a request to online.bg@generali.com and/or http://www.fsc.bg

2. How much does delivery of online MTPL cost?

The delivery of online MTPL policy is completely free for the whole country.

3. How is the price for MTPL determined?

The technical characteristics of the vehicle such as: type of the vehicle, engine capacity, seating, and the region where the vehicle will be used, determine the price of MTPL policy. Also important for the tariff is the age of the driver.

4. I have a claim on parking lot. Does MTPL cover claims on parking lot?

The insurance company for MTPL is liable for damages caused by the Insured person to third parties. MTPL does not cover damages occurring in the parking lot.

5. I have lost my insurance policy and the sticker. What should I do?

When you loose your insurance policy and/or a sticker it is necessary to contact your insurance company representative immediately.

6. What is the penalty if I do not have MTPL?

The penalty is suspension of the driving license of a driver who drives without MTPL. Under the Insurance Code, not only the vehicle owner is sanctioned if there is no MTPL, but the driver of the vehicle also. The penalty for individuals is between 250 BGN, and for legal entities 2000 BGN. A person who does not own and manage a motor vehicle in connection with whose possession and use there is no concluded and effective contract for MTPL insurance shall be punished with a fine of BGN 400. In the responsibilities of the driver is to carry insurance policy for the driven vehicle and its trailer. Also the driver is obliged to stick the sticker that gets when signing a policy in the lower left corner of the windscreen of the vehicle.

7. When a vehicle is sold is it necessary MTPL policy to be terminated?

Vehicle from one person to another, MTPL shall not be terminated. The insurance company has to be notified in seven days of the change in written. The new owner has the right to choose whether to terminate the contract with the insurance company of the former owner and to conclude a new one with another insurance company.

8. What is the validity of MTPL?

MTPL, concluded throgh online.generali.bg is valid for one year.

9. How long after ordering I will receive my policy?

Your policy will be delivered within two working days after order, for the whole country.