Tips for online Accident insurance

1. Conclude online Accident insurance  for traveling around the country
On weekends, holidays and vacations, the dynamic city literally is moved in the nature. People, tired of the busy everyday life are looking for serenity, which offers the sea, smaller towns or villages and mountain. Unfortunately accidents in these periods happen quite often. Injured are mostly children and youngsters who often do not consider the situation. The incident not only reflects on the mood and spoils long-awaited vacation, but often the costs are more than we expect. This is the reason why before you go traveling, do not forget to conclude Accident insurance which will guarantee you quiet recovery from unpleasant events.

Tips in case of an insurance event

1. In case of insurance event in the validity period of your Accident insurance you need to inform your Insurer in written (by application form of the Insurance company).

2. The claim can be filed by authorized by power of attorney third party. The person must be over 18 years old.

3. When you file a claim for payment it is necessary to provide all documents according to General Terms and Conditions of Accident insurance.

4. You will receive claim payment by your insurance company within 15 working days of the date when you provide all documents which prove the occurrence of an insurance event on Accident policy – group or individual.