Terms and conditions of online Accident insurance

INFORMATION ABOUT THE INSURER AND THE PRODUCT under Art. 324 and Article 326 of the Insurance Code:

"GENERALI INSURANCE" AD is an insurer - a joint-stock company, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria, with headquarters and address of management in Sofia, 1504, Knyaz Alexander Dondukov Blvd., No 68.

On the corporate website http://www.generali.bg/ you will find and you can find out in detail the report on the solvency and financial condition of GENERALI INSURANCE AD.

You may file complaints under the Internal Rules of Generali Insurance AD for the administration of applications, complaints, signals and recommendations from users of insurance services, which are published on the following website https://klienti.generali.bg/.

Bulgarian legislation allows insurance service users to file complaints about these services and the FSC and other public authorities, as well as allowing out-of-court dispute resolution.

The Bulgarian legislation applies to insurance contracts concluded with "GENERALI INSURANCE" AD.

Online Accident insurance is the second fully electronic product in the portfolio of Generali Insurance AD, represented by online.generali.bg. The insurance premium for this insurance has to be paid as a single premium by debit/credit card. The online concluded Accident insurance is valid after 00:00 pm at the day followed the successful payment for the insurance.

General provisions

Insured persons under online Accident Insurance – individual or group may conclude Bulgarian citizens and foreign citizens with permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria. By this insurance, insured persons could be everybody between 0 and 68 years old. By this insurance cannot be insured:

  • Persons with disability of over 50%

  • Persons under 14 years old and under legal incapacity with respect to the risks of Permanent Disability or Accidental Death

  • Persons who at the date of purchasing the insurance are 69 years old.

Risks covered

Online Accident Insurance offers cover for the following groups of primary and additional risks:

Basic coverage of Accident insurance:

  • Death of the insured due to an accident
  • Permanent loss or disability of the insured as a result of an accident;

  • Temporary disability of the insured as a result of an accident.

Additional coverage of Accident insurance:

  • Medical transport expenses and/or repatriation expenses (the coverage has effect only on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria);

  • Medical expenses in case of an accident (the coverage has effect only on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria);

  • Daily money for hospitalization                                                                                                                               

  • Validity of the Insurance contract 

Online Accident insurance – individual or group, is valid for a period up to 1 year.  The insurance is valid after 0.00 pm at the day, indicated into the insurance policy and certificate, only after successful payment of the insurance contract.

Insurance amount and Insurance premium

The insurance premium is determined by the current tariff of the insurer, depending of the date and the insurance amount. The insurance premium has to be paid as a single premium upon conclusion of the Insurance.

Insurance Amount or Indemnity

The insurer pays the insurance amount or indemnity within 15 working days from the date of receiving of all necessary documents and the required evidences concerning the insurance event and the amount of the payment.

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