How to order online Accident insurance?

Generali Insurance   is the first insurance company in Bulgaria, offering   a conclusion of individual and group Accident insurance, entirely online. This is the easiest and fast way for a conclusion of the insurance.

The conclusion of the online insurance starting with click on a button Get a quote on the  main page of  the internet portal  or by the product’s  page . Clicking on the button directly transfer to the Calculator, where to fulfill the basic data of the insurance – age of the insured person (persons less that 0 years old and older than 68 couldn’t be insured, according General terms and conditions), insurance amount, which is up to 10 000 BGN, purpose of the insurance.  When the insurance is group Accident then the number of the insured persons, over 68 years old are marked and the insurance amount for one insured person.  After fulfilling of all required data and click on button Calculate the insurance premium will appear. If click on Continue to order, you would proceed with the next step.

On Step 2 of the quote of the Accident insurance – individual or group, if the person ordering the policy is different from the insured, have to be marked (the person who orders the policy could be different from the Insured persons and to have 18 years old). The following data for the insured persons has to be filled: PIN, names by ID Card/Passport, ID Card/Passport number, e-mail address, Mobile phone number, address, zip code, district, and city. Next needed data is if the person has established lost or reduced efficiency or disability. If the answer is positive, then it is necessary to mark the right percent of lost disability (persons which lost disability is over 50 % cannot be insured). If the insurer is different from the insured person, it is necessary to fulfill its PIN and names by ID card/Passport. For group policy Accident the same data for each insured person has to be filled.

After fulfilling all data, click Continue button to proceed to the next step Order and Payment, where you are choosing the payment method – by credit/debit card or Epay, and respectively check all the data you fulfilled on the previous steps.

After   successful   payment, you will receive electronic Insurance Certificate and insurance policy on the e-mail address that you previously fulfilled. The General conditions of the insurance are integral part of the certificate and the policy.

If you wish, you can print the received by e-mail documents.

The Online Accident Insurance covers risks that are only related and/or resulting from an accident.