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  • Online Accident Insurance guarantees your financial piece of mind against the unforeseen events.
  • Entirely online insurance, that you can conclude 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You choose the insurance amount and the period of the Accident policy.
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Why to conclude Accident insurance

Accidents might happen everywhere, unpredictable and all of a sudden – at home, at the office, during a walk in the park or on holidays. Do not think about them and do not worry. Generali Insurance AD offers you a new, fully online product Accident. When you conclude online Accident insurance you choose the insurance amount, which can be between 5 000 and 10 000 BGN. Another thing that you choose by yourself is the insurance period. Concluding online Accident insurance, you choose if the policy is individual or group. The group Accident insurance can secure you and your family in case of unpleasant incidents. With this online insurance, you receive guarantee for quiet recovery and financial resources to cover increased costs after incident. The insurance is very suitable for any kind of team-building events. It provides protection for you and your entire team during all the fun, enriching and stimulating teamwork games, but they hide in yourself risks from accident.

In order to help the users of online services of, the entire process of ordering online Accident insurance is provided in the following video:

About Online Accident Insurance

Accident is any event that has resulted in bodily injury or death of the Insured as a result of unforeseen and sudden external effects that the Insured has not intentionally caused, in the validity period of the insurance. This can be sprains, strained or tear of tissues, infections due to an accident, and other accidental health disorders for these individuals.

Insurance period

The concluded Online Accident insurance –individual and group, is valid for a period starting from 1 day to 1 year. The concluded Online Accident contract is valid at least the day after successful order. The order is considered successful when the Online Accident insurance is paid to the Insurer.

Do you think you can bear the financial burden after an unexpected accident?

Everyone knows that life is unpredictable and anything could happen. Accidents might happen anywhere and anytime. All of a sudden: at home, at work, while driving or on holiday, one unexpected accident can change your life dramatically.

Most of us think: “That could never happen to me”. But it is a fact, that more than 1 000 000 – 1 500 000 accidents occur within one year, and only 30 % of them when we are at work.

The question everybody should ask themselves is: “Will I be financially secure enough to overcome the consequences?”

Have you considered what will happen to you, your family or your business if you suffer in an accident and you won’t be able to work? In real life, serious injuries due to an accident, that leads to disability, in many cases that mean expensive and long term rehabilitation and medical costs, as well as serious financial troubles / discomfort.

With concluded Accident Insurance you you have the opportunity to meet your financial needs.

Just think and spend no more than 3 minutes to get your personal offer on

In order to help the users of online services of, the entire process of ordering online Accident insurance is provided in the following video:

The benefits are as follows:

-          Quickly and entirely online conclusion, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

-          You choose the period and the sum insured

-          Discount from 5 to 10 % for individual and group policies.

-          Receive via E-mail the insurance policy immediately after the conclusion.

-          Financial assistance in case of insurance event